Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gonna Miss It.

Mood: Sneezy

My last day of work was supposed to be on the 20th of this month. But after I informed Dr Khor about my last day being the 20th, Dr insisted on me and Audrey staying as long as we can. He said he was not forcing us but if possible, he would like us to stay as long as we are not studying yet. He made me feel so guilty after that. I guess he likes Audrey and I working with him. Even Geetha told me that they have never had receptionists as wild and fun as us. Lol? And now I am kinda stuck because I don't know whether I should continue until I start Form 6 or just stick with my initial plan and stop working in nine more days ):

Today Audrey and I were all jittery thinking about tomorrow so we tried to get our minds off it by finding some stuff to do besides the usual stuff. I don't know how Audrey got this idea of asking Erin to put on the false eyelashes for her. And so she did. After Audrey's fake eyelashes were plastered onto her eyelids, Erin and Audrey insisted on plastering another pair on my eyelids. My eyelids! After much persusasion, I gave in. The eyelashes were fine. But the mascara is still stuck onto my eyelashes up till now and it is irritating me really badly.

I'm posting this pic because Audrey loves it (:

Audrey looks great in this pic but I look.. I dunno. I've got no words to describe it.

I like this pic of her ('cause I snapped it, haha). It kinda makes her look like a vampire from the Twilight Saga :D

This pic was taken by Audrey. I'm not supposed to say this but she was standing on a carboard box just to get this angle and I didn't need to :p

I'm gonna miss fooling around with Dr Khor and all my other colleagues once I stop work.

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