Thursday, March 12, 2009


Mood: Hungry like f*ck

Nothing to be proud of. Nothing to be upset about.

English-1A; GCE O-LEVELS a.k.a 1119 - 1A
Pendidikan Moral-2A
Bahasa Malaysia-3B
Prinsip Perakaunan-3B
Additional Mathematics-7D

Was expecting 6A's actually. I got A's for four out of the six subjects I aimed A's for. The subjects I didn't get A for are BM and Accounts. Hey, at least I qualified for the LCCI certificate.

To those who did not do so well or did not do as well as they intended to, what's done is done. You can always appeal (: I'm also very proud of Yi Zhong for not reacting like as if the world is gonna end and smiled the whole time I was with her. To Ann, wipe away those tears babe, for you have done your best and I know it. Shyuan, congratulations, but to be honest, I thought you would score around 10A's! And to those who are happy with their results, those who scored straight A's, a very mighty congratulations from me. You guys did awesome!

I received some news today. I won't reveal what it is, but I doubt anyone would care anyway. It's especially for Yi Zhong. Yi Zhong, I will reveal it to you if and only if I have already confirmed the surprise. If not, I will never reveal it at all.

Wc, Es, Yz, Yw and Lh (Me lah). All also nama Cina. So I also have to put my Chinese name punya initial lah (:

Yz and I. I love herrrrrrr lah. And omg I just realized something. I can see my braces in this picture! Nooooooooooooo ):

PS: I think I'm falling for someone. Don't ask who please. And don't ask me why I'm mentioning that I'm falling for someone but don't wanna tell who. I just feel like revealing that I think I like someone. But falling for that someone will just go to waste. I won't say why. Stupid Denise.

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