Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Just Wanna Be Left Alone.

Listening to: For the First Time by The Script

I didn't have time to update ever since my last update because:

1. My parents are always on my PC,

2. I've been "studying" for midterms, and

3. I just lost my inspiration

Not to say I've always had much that inspired me before this.

My mood swings are destroying me, constantly making me feel like shit all the time. And what's so freaking awesome is that I am not doing anything to fight it off. If you can fight off mood swings, that is.

Now I know why I can not have a relationship. Not for now, at least. After one of my relationships, I have closed my heart, not willing to open it up again after a long time. I suppose you all will think that I am contradicting my own words because not long after one of my break-ups, I hooked up with this guy I barely knew. If I opened up myself to him, we wouldn't have broke up one month later.

I took this quiz on Facebook: What color is your heart? I got the color black. Cold and heartless, much. And I do agree. I have become so immune to everything that used to hurt me before. Right now, I do not monitor the things I say and do. Don't even bother to.

Again, I have reached a dead-end. Not knowing what to do to make things better.

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