Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Emo.

Listening to: Who's That Chick by David Guetta feat. Rihanna

Swedish meatballs, John Malkovich, Heineken, and Tequila. Could my day have gotten any better? Besides the fact that I threw up in the bucket for the very first time. I never threw up in the bucket before. Never. And last night thanks to my ego (yes friend I admit I ego okay), I did it! Nothing to be proud of but whatever, I'm bored and stoning and I've no idea what to do right now besides sleep.

Altogether 4 pints of Heineken and 6 shots of tequila. But they took away the empty glasses. Why decide to drink all of a sudden? Well it was RM30 for 2 pints of Heineken at Laundry during Happy Hour (5 PM - 9 PM). By the time our movie ended, we still had half an hour until happy hour ended. So ... faham2 lah. The waiter walked up to us and offered tequila shots for RM8. I was considering it but before I could say anything KP shoo him away already. He bought the shots lah eventually. Warning: Singing emo songs in the car after having a few drinks can be extremely enjoyable.

Last night was a night I would never forget. Thanks, KP (:

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