Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love Black. Arthur's Day, You Know?

Listening to: Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago

I went to Pyramid in hopes of achieving my goal: getting my Arthur's Day tickets. Sadly the tickets I were aiming to get (RM79) were sold out. Which means I would have to go to either Mid Valley, Lot 10, Bkt Jalil, and some other places I can't recall to get the tickets. Which is quite the troublesome for me ya. Anywho I ended up buying a black top from Forever 21, which was so not on my to do list.

I have to stop buying black-colored items before I get labeled as emo or goth. But I can't stop! This is me, ME. I love the color black and nobody can stop me from loving it! I feel so comfortable wearing black clothes. But of course I do own clothing of other colors. Except orange. I hate orange. Like the annoying orange. You know?

HEY APPLE. Fuckkkkkkkkk.

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