Sunday, October 31, 2010

Angie's Hectic Birthday.

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We celebrated her birthday 2 days earlier at Rootz, KL. Apparently the second best night club in KL, after Zouk. It was good: the interior is amazingly classy and the DJ was Joey G! I've been to the third and fourth best clubs in KL which are Ministry of Sound and Mist. This time I managed to try out Rootz. Next would be Zouk I suppose?

We opened 6 bottles of .. Actually I don't even know what liquor I drank last night. All I did was just take the drinks. I think it was Black Label. I think.. So anyway 6 bottles of Black Label for 20 people. I was the last to go in so by the time I entered, everyone was already happily drinking. Without me. Which was very good.

This fella, I don't know what's his name, saved me from Siew Fai. Siew Fai is known for walking around making people drink a lot. He killed me before. Ass. I managed to slip away and hide beside Jovi when this fella and his friends cornered Siew Fai and made him drink. Thank you! But eventually Siew Fai almost died and I had to take care of him until he was sober. Better than me being taken care of.

Mr Sohai - Siew Fai, and Party Animal - Quek. If it were not for Joshua I think we would have to drag Zy out of the club. I was useful for once. Instead of dying, I helped the dead! Or more like semi-dead. I can't recall how many people I had to guide to the washroom last night. Vincent was one of them and he poked my eye. It hurt ):

Our man of the night, Vincent Chan. You did a good job, don't worry about whatever that happened that night after the party. Everybody appreciated what you did to make this happen. And I forgive you for poking me in the eye.

Happy Birthday Angie. Don't be such a bitch on your birthday next year. Xoxo.

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