Monday, May 10, 2010

My Dad, The KS-er.

Listening to: Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert

I was - still am actually - so hungry, I started scavenging the house for food. Usually, lady luck is never on my side. But tonight, I found food, sweet food! But an unfortunate event took place, and now I am sleepy and hungry. I can't decide whether to sleep or to cook.

I was walking around the house looking for food, then I spotted the last Chipsmore in the biscuit container. YESSSSSS!

I opened the container.

Pa: What are you eating?

Did I forget to mention that my dad was at his PC playing with some random application on Facebook? Yes?

Me: Um, Chipsmore.
Pa: Give me one.
Me: But.. it's the last one.
Pa: You ate at mamak just now, I didn't.
Me: But I didn't eat at mamak.
Pa: You go out mamak so long, don't eat? Then do what?
Me: Um.. But you always pao the Chipsmore at night, and every thing else that doesn't need to be cooked.
Pa: Who call you to stay out all the time?
Me: But.. Fine.

And I gave my cookie to him. Big bully ):

Now, to cook or not to cook?

PS: Happy Mother's Day Mummy! I love you! Hope you like the card the 3 of us got for you and the, ouch, expensive dinner.

Do excuse the bad quality picture. My phone sudah cacat and I've got no camera ):


Gary.T said...

LOL.. ur dad bully u.. haha..

Chill u go buy a pack of chipsmore then put it in ur room.. it will be fine.

CrystlePiper8455 said...