Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scared Outta My Pants.

Mood: Peeved

I can't eat properly. I feel like some sick person who can't chew her food. And it sucks. Audrey assured me that the pain will only last for about three days. I hope I can cope with three days of pain and agony (okay, I'm exaggerating about the agony part).


Audrey and I worked overtime tonight and we're lucky the last patient finished treatment at 9.30 PM. When I was sweeping the floor around the waiting area however, I saw a Malay lady around her early twenties walk in and head towards the counter. She was wearing a headscarf and had a blue top on. She didn't ring the bell before she entered so I assumed that Audrey saw her standing at the door and opened it for her. So I ignored her and continued sweeping the floor while watching American Idol. After I was done, I turned around and realised the girl wasn't sitting anywhere in the waiting room nor was any doctor attending to her. I assumed she went home. Later when Dr Cheong's last patient exited his room, I walked in to take the chit. Audrey followed me. When we were in Dr Cheong's room, I asked Audrey who the Malay girl was, and she responded with a confused look on her face. I explained to her that I saw this average-in-height, slim girl walk in and proceed to the counter.

Then I realised something, she didn't talk to Audrey. She was just standing there, and that was when I turned my attention back to sweeping the floor and American Idol. I think i scared Audrey, like, for real. I scared myself too. Was it just some hallucination or was it just something I shouldn't have seen?


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Eek! A hallucination in front of the clinic?!

Wow, you've got your braces on already! Will you be wearing it for long???