Saturday, February 7, 2009

LoyalPlayboy .

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A few days before Chinese New Year , there was this patient who goes by the name Gabriel Lai who decided to drop by the clinic to get a pair of new retainers because he lost his old pair . According to his record , he had his braces removed in 2007 , which meant that we (Audrey and I) were going to have to dig through all the old orthodontic models packed in tons of old and dusty boxes which I could easily fit into if I were stuffed into the box while in the foetal position . The few days before Chinese New Year were quiet , which meant that we had nothing to do . So , looking for two orthodontic models with the name Gabriel Lai on them would mean no harm .

After recieving orders from Dr Khor , Audrey and I put on our surgical masks and headed off to work . We searched for approximately three hours looking for Gabriel Lai's models . We almost gave up when we went through two huge boxes of crown and bridge models . Even when one of the nurses told me that there were another two more boxes in the laboratory , I was partially covered in dust and was already giving up . But I decided to give it a try anyway . Thus , Audrey and I went through the models in those boxes and I was already about to leave Audrey to search for it herself because all the models in the boxes were crowns and bridges , up until I saw Safia Amira's model . Safia Amira happens to be a friend of mine who used to wear braces .

The next thing I knew , Gabriel Lai's model was in my palm and it kind of took me some time (around 2 seconds) to realise that I already found it . The way I reacted to my success was somewhat similar to this video .

Yes , Cheers . 30 seconds later , Audrey found Gabriel Lai's second model and we rejoiced ! We were jumping for joy . Seriously, like little five year olds running around the clinic waiting to be scolded by out parents . But I don't think doctor heard us stomping around . Even if he did , I don't think he even cared . And so , the both of us , proud as we were , proceeded to Dr Khor's private room and knocked on his door , overexcited at the fact that we found the models without the help of anyone else (especially the nurses) and could not wait to break the good news to him . After rapping on his door , we waited . And waited . And waited . But to no avail , the door did not open for the happy lil' things . Hell , we waited a freakin' ten minutes . Then one of the nurses told us that Dr Khor was in Dr Jenny's treatment room reading the newspaper . Boy were we fucked . Standing outside his room for 10 freaking minutes wondering out loud to each other whether or not he heard us knock .

So Audrey called up Gabriel to tell him that his retainers were ready and he could come and collect them soon . He arrived shortly after she left for home and I could not recognise him because he got his hair cut . I asked him if he was the guy on YouTube but he didn't want to admit that he was . FINE . I know Gabriel Lai (I don't wanna reveal his full name) is LoyalPlayboy from YouTube , fullstop . I'm not some insane stalker lah okay but I went to his blog (which is linked to his YouTube profile) and read his post admitting that he was recognised by a 'girl' in public . The girl is me of course .

I don't wanna post his video up here just in case I get sued or something . Hey , I have to respect his privacy anyway . The stupid things he does on YouTube . Heck , it's no wonder he didn't admit he was LoyalPlayboy .

PS: I'm sorry for going through your personal information LoyalPlayboy but I live two minutes away from you and surprisingly you know it (I read your comment on your blog) .

PPS: I doubt you even know about my blog (:

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