Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of Potters (Not Really) and Cullens.

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When I first heard reviews from friends about the novel Twilight, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Yet, when I started reading the first ten pages of the book, nothing hit me. No ultra-quick-heartbeats, like when I was reading Harry Potter. No super-fast-flipping-of-pages, like when I was reading Harry Potter. No intention of getting the hardcover version, just because, like when I was reading Harry Potter. Forget the first ten pages of Twilight, make it the whole novel. I was not exactly bored to tears, but I was not impressed much by the teenage romance seeping out of Twilight, the novel.

And there were rumours going round that this author, Stephenie Meyer might be richer than J.K. Rowling thanks to her books. But even after reading reviews on the World Wide Web and in newspapers, commenting on how good her books were, I doubted she would be able to knock out J.K. Rowling from her reigning position.

Which is so darn true.

After reading the first book, I was not left, how should I put this, 'thirsty for more' of Meyer's books. I was left pondering on whether or not I should continue with the Saga, New Moon. After much consideration, I decided to read it. Firstly, because I already bought the book. And secondly, because I had nothing better to do. So I read it.

And I loved it.

Because Jacob Black captured my heart in such a serene way, he made Edward Cullen look like a total jock. Yes, I was attracted to Edward Cullen (not Robert Pattinson, ew) during my days reading Twilight. But New Moon focused more on Jacob because of Edward's abscence. Heck, why am I even mentioning this? I know the all of you have alredy read the book, probably more than once. Thus, my feelings towards Jacob grew and it has not faded since. Just like my love for Fernando Torres, my soon-to-be-three-year boyfriend.

The same goes to Eclipse. I was addicted to Jacob Black, which meant that I had to have my daily dose of Eclipse. I would get really fed up when Edward pops up in the book. Potong stim saja. However, the more I saw things through Bella's eyes, the more frustrated I got with her and her imbecile-like mind. Couldn't she see that Jacob was perfect for her? He was the real angel in human form. Not that bloodsucker. Don't murder me, Cullen lovers. I just have the hots for Jacob and not Edward.

Now I am currently reading Breaking Dawn, the few chapters where situations are seen through Jacob's point-of-view. I am enjoying it thoroughly because Bella is head-over-heels for Edward and I'm not, so I do not enjoy much of Bella's sob story about Edward. Actually, I would be really happy if Bella chooses Jacob instead of Edward. I'd rather he be Bella's property since I'm seeing things through Bella's eyes. I'm happy with my Torres.

I'm not like Mirshal, so greedy go and marry ten celebrities then tak pasal-pasal all lesap already (:

Ew, Robert Pattinson.

Hubba hubba! I'd do Taylor Lautner any night <3

Kind of hard to believe he's a year younger than me. Tanned skin, muscular body. Similar to how the author describes Jacob Black in her novels. Werewolves are so much more cooler than vampires. Being able to phase into wolves whenever they feel like it. I have always preferred tanned brown over pale white.

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