Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't Fall For Him .

Mood : Frustrated

Why are you falling for him ? Of all people ! Being in a relationship with him once was enough . And after what you did to him four years ago , don't you feel any shame ? Do you remember how his attitude was like back then ? Yes , he has changed . He was not as arrogant as he was four years ago , and boy has he become so much more hotter . Drool . Drool all you want but one thing's for sure , he will not belong to you . Get that statement drilled into that thick skull of yours and don't be ignorant about it . Just because he has been (acting) concerned about you lately doesn't mean anything . Heck , anyone can be concerned about you most of then time and you probably won't even realise it ! Don't . Don't fall for him again because he does not feel attracted to you in any way . I am very much sure about that . Don't worry about him reading this post , I know he does not read blogs , I am confident . I've known him for five years . Trust me on this . Your secret's safe with me .

Don't fucking fall for him .

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