Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sick .

Mood : Irritated

I'm fucking sick . Negative .

I can't wait for Yi Zhong to come back from Canada so that I can go shopping with her in KL . Negative .

I'm gonna miss going back to school so fucking badly . Negative .

I wasted one whole fucking year restraining myself from talking to Zk because of some guy . Negative .

I'm gonna meet Aaron and Louis at Pyramid tomorrow . Fucking Positive Hell Yeah .

Syabil the Japanese-Melayu guy I got to know through Kevin added me on MySpace . What The Fucking Neutral Statement .

I think Louis is high or something 'cause he said he's gonna bow down to me tomorrow when I meet up with him and Aaron and treat me like a king . Louis , you'd better ! Popopopositive .

Solid fucking proof .

Louis challenged me to a Guitar Hero showdown . I am so gonna kick his ass . Hella Positive Baby !

PS : Please excuse me for being so incoherent today . I'm feeling very lopsided . Excuse the profanities too .

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