Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Country is Going Backwards .

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He said Rihanna's appearance here would result in an outflow of local currency to the United States, and in turn, cause loss to the country and suffering to the Palestinians.
210109, The Star Newspaper .

Is that the best you've got, PAS ? With the advancement of information technology, the news of PAS' attempt to stop Rihanna's concert will only result in utter shame and embarassment for Malaysia . When Avril Lavigne was scheduled for a concert here in Malaysia in August last year, PAS disagreed by trying to stop her from coming over, with excuses like a) Avril Lavigne will be a bad influence on the country's youth, whatwith her punk genre and such, and b) Her outfits are sexy and revealing. And oh, how embarassed I felt when this report appeared on E! News a few days later .

If Avril Lavigne was supposedly going to be a bad influence on the youth of Malaysia, what about them local undeground indie bands that play music of the metal genre with nonsensical lyrics and horrible vocals? Go investigate on them if you're so worried about punk influence. Heck, they're not even punk! And now Rihanna? PAS, if you guys are so worried about the outflow of Malaysian Ringgit, how about try to organise a demonstration on the banning of products from the US? A word of precaution however, it might result in you losing heck of a lotta votes from the rakyat (but you're not doing that well anyway) and cause your whole nation to be the laughing stock of countries all over the world.

I guess PAS is gonna find another lame excuse, this time to stop Jason Mraz from coming over? If they do, so help me God I will fucking move out of this country and get a PR elsewhere . It is such a shame to call myself a Malaysian when the Opposition parties start causing havoc because of small issues which are not worthy of being brought up in the first place.

Even innocent Mr A-Z might be in for a hard time with them religious bastards .

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