Thursday, May 22, 2008

my second long-term blogspot

I shall start off with mentioning that this is my second permanent blog . I rarely blog on MySpace . I used to have a blog on Friendster and I deleted it by accident because I deleted my Friendster account too . I was sulking for quite long 'cause I loved that blog , it displayed a lotta memories I had since I was 14 till last year . I have always wanted to open another blog but I kept on procastinating and currently , I have nothing to do online so I decided to create a blogger account . To readers (if there are any) , I would try to update my blog frequently . But that depends on whether I have the time or not :)

So yeah , to get my mind off things for a sec , it's 6.14 PM right now and I'm watching , yes , American Idol ! Woohoo ! Watching D Cook and D Archuleta sing Hero by Nickelback . To be honest , this song really suits DC . He can really sing rock songs and he has celebrity qualities , whilst DA sings like an angel (he's my Angel of Music , hobaby!) and his voice is much more better than DC (like duh) . DA seriously deserves to win compared to DC (apologies to DC fans) . I am just speaking the truth ! Heh .

I actually don't have the mood to blog about what happened between me and my ex so I think I'm just gonna leave it be for the moment 'cause I wanna eat my strawberry yogurt :)

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Walltalker said...

Welcome to the club.......... i recently started mine too..