Friday, May 23, 2008

down with fever

I'm down with fucking fever . Hopefully I would be back on track by Monday because I have to attend Pn. Siva's extra Principle of Accounts class and my trip out with my girls . I have no idea how I came down with fever , its just torture . Typing this is really hard for me too . Ahh , the agony ! I think it all started from last night when I was on my MySpace chatting , I usually sit at the PC for many hours and never get tired out but I don't know why yesterday I was . I barely sat there for 3 hours and my body started aching really badly . I went up at about 12.30 midnight and laid down on my bed . I wasn't sleepy though , just a bit tired . While sms-ing Fayadh , I fell asleep .

The next day (which is today) , I woke up with a sore and aching body . It ached so bad I considered not going to school . But I did eventually , 'cause Ann was performing and I had to go and support her ! So yeah , I headed off to school with Yi Zhong and I actually felt better at the time . I talked to Myira and Farah about my situation during assembly and it made me feel much better , emotionally and physically . After the assembly it was recess and we headed off to the canteen . Yes , the canteen . A place I try to avoid as much as possible during recess because of the swarming crowd and gigantic bumblebees hovering above everybody's heads . Sad to say , I followed my friends there because I didn't want to be alone at the moment . I seriously had to get my mind off things for a while and I just wanted to have fun with them . But this time , the afternoon session was around and the canteen was freakin' crowded . I didn't eat , but instead was debating with David Cook fans about how David Archuleta should win instead . We were screaming away in the canteen , not giving a shit about what others thought about us . A prefect (Laviniya) was actually laughing at us , humoured I guess , at our crazy antics :)

We ( me , pav , sofia , qis , myira , farah , and yi zhong) were still on about American Idol even on the way out of the canteen . The debate continued until we reached the pondok . That's when Fayadh came over and shut my eyes from behind . At first I thought it was Yi Zhong , but I recognize the smell of his perfume . "Fayadh", I said . He didn't hear me . He thought I didn't say anything but I said his name . We talked for a while , but the way Yi Zhong looked at him , with such disgust . I felt uncomfortable . After our short chat , Yi Zhong dragged me over to Kevin and talk about stuff . I don't know how Fayadh felt but I felt a bit miserable at that moment . That was when my head started throbbing . I walked over to the koperasi to buy a drink , proceeding to the same pondok . Yi Zhong asked me to sit down but I declined the offer , I felt like standing . Soon after , my head started throbbing and I felt like as if I was gonna faint any moment . So I decided to sit . Mun Choong appeared outta nowhere and sat down beside me . It has been a long time since I actually had a real conversation with him . But the throbbing in my head was making things worse , I wasn't really able to talk .

10 AM , the prefects chased us away from the pondok , instructing us to sit at the hall , But , the hall was full of the afternoon session kids and I had no place to sit . As soon as I heard the noise coming from the direction of the hall , the throbbing in my head worsened . Unable to take the pain , I leaned against a nearby pillar and shut my eyes . The noise was terrible and it made my head feel much more painful . Yi Zhong walked off for a moment to do something - I could not remember what . She appeared in front of me after quite a long time and we walked off to the back of the stage 'cause we spotted Ann . We talked to Ann for a while and Halim saw me losing stability and about to fall . He offered his seat to me :) Ann has such a sweet boyfriend , it hurts to see that a guy can be so nice , sweet and faithful to her . Something I did not expect from him . Guess I was wrong . I sat down yet I still felt dizzy . It was so damn friggin' uncomfortable goddammit ! All of a sudden Pn. Chan appeared , she was wearing lipstick ! Haha . I wished her Happy Teacher's Day . She smiled and asked me what happened the other day , I just kept quiet . I was on the verge of breaking down and crying all over again . But I controlled myself . "He's not worth your tears . Once you grow up you would realize that he wasn't worth anything ," she said . I forced a teary smile , I love that teacher :) Not long after that , it was Ann's turn to perform . I was sitting in between Yi Zhong and Arief (gawd he's funny) . I still felt dizzy and my body started getting hot , as in heating up .

After Ann's awesome performance , I wanted to run to her and give her a hug . But I couldn't move from my seat . My legs barely had the energy to support my body , so I remained seated feeling bad that I couldn't go over and hug her :( She came over and asked me about her singing , I ensured her that it was amazing . After a few performances , "Nise , Mira is here ," said Ijmal . I turned around and looked at him , saying that I do not give a shit . Amir disappeared suddenly and Ijmal tagged along . He came back , telling me something that made me feel worse than I could ever have felt then (I do not want to reveal it) . He pointed them out to me , I couldn't see . Then I finally stood up , searching for the both of them . I spotted them , and with a sunken heart , I sat back down . My mood was not in a good condition . I felt sad and mad . Annoyed at the fact that someone planned this all along and made me suffer the shit I had to go through . My eyes were burning , not because I was sad , because I was sick . I can't help looking in their direction every now and then , until it came to a point where I could not take the shit anymore and I left .

I headed for the small gate . I just wanted to sit somewhere which was not under the sun and where I could not see the both of them . too fat , azrul , and nadzirah were there . They talked to me . I talked back , voicing out my anger and misery regarding what I just saw and my current situation with my ex-boyfriend . And again , I broke down . I do not want to mention what we talked about becuase I do not want some people do get into deep shit . Later , mek , shafri , safril and heera came . mek told me to chill and I told him my side of the story . He gave me a rose :) The all of them were so nice to me , calming me down and being there for me although I'm not so close to them . I was crying , I couldn't hold back my tears anymore , especially after seeing him with her . It just made me angry . I let it all out and it so happened that when I was crying he appeared , I walked off with yi zhong . Outside , I stood against the school walls still in tears . yi zhong was hugging me . Soon after , pav ,sofi , prashant , ann , halim and su kim appeared . The all of them assured me that he was a jerk . Heh . They wanted me to go home and freshen up a bit before going for Accounts . But i didn't want to , I wanted to go to SMC and just sit there .

When we were at SMC , yi zhong left for a moment . That was when Fayadh appeared . I didn't notice because my face was against the table . I was feeling so freakin' uncomfortable . He sat beside me and asked me why did I cry . I just said I was feeling unwell . When yi zhong appeared again , he left . For almost two hours , I sat at SMC with my face against the table , unable to talk a lot . My head was throbbing real bad and my body was on fire . I was like breathing out fire , my breath was so hot . I thought I had fever , but I assured myself that it wasn't what I thought it was . At 1.45 PM , I left SMC and went back home . I ate a bit because my mother forced me to . I didn't have the appetite for 2 days already . I didn't eat . We went to school for our extra class and everybody was falling asleep . We were just so tired and exhausted . My head was still throbbing and my fever was getting worse . We left school at 4.45 and I went home . I tried to sleep but I couldn't because i felt dizzy and my head was still throbbing ! My brother and sister touched my arm , forehead and neck . They screamed at me and told me to go and rest because it was confirmed that I am down with fever . I ignored them and walked upstairs to shower . I couldn't walk properly , I was losing my stability .

In the evening we went to SMC to eat . I saw kevin and budin . sayuti and jeremy appeared later . fayadh appeared too , sitting at my table . He checked my phone . I was not in the mood and I felt really annoyed that he was not respecting my privacy . He got kinda pissed for some reason and went off to sit with kevin and friends . LOL . My fever was still bad , and I couldn't eat . I ate one mouth of roti telur and passed it to my brother . I then went to sleep . After my siblings were done with their dinner they woke me up and we went home . I approached my PC but my mum didn't allow me to use it because the radiation from the computer would make my fever worse . So I just sat on the sofa and rested . Now I'm still having fever but my mum is playing mahjong with her friends so I'm able to use my PC . Fever sucks bad .

P/S : Die ckp die syg aku . Aku rasa tidak :)

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