Friday, May 30, 2008

'Cause You'll Always Be My Baby :)

I'm starting to get irritated with the small font , please forgive me people , for the small font before this . Anyway , about my title for today , it has nothing to do whatsoever with what I'm going to post . It's just that I love this song . David Cook makes tit sound so emo-ish ! Guh .. Listen to my blog song ... AHHHHHHH ! Sorry , I'm just so in love with the song at the moment :') It touched me . I wanna credit Shyuan and Marc for assisting me :)

I have something to tell you guys . Er .. I got back together with Fayadh . Why ? Don't ask , I don't wanna go deep in detail :) Well , a teeny bit won't hurt right ? He asked me to get back together with him , I know some of you would get really mad and stuff but hey , gimme some time kay ? This is what I tell my girlfriends who can't get over their boyfriend slash ex-boyfriend , "If we can't make you learn your lesson , you'll have to learn it the hard way" . Which is .. by letting her do whatever she wants until she sees the guy's true colours , which is what I just told myself . I have to learn things the hard way . That's just how I am , sad to say :( Sooo yeah , enough about my love life (which is kinda short this time) , about today . Actually nothing much happened today . I woke up early in the morning to attend Accounts class in school . After class I went to SMC for a while with Yi Zhong to see Fayadh . So yeah we hung around for a while and then left for my house (me and Yi Zhong) .

After that all that happened was just total boredom . So we'll just skip that shall we ? Hence , we move on to what annoyed me a lot today . Someone whose name I shall not mention . Reasons : 1) I consider him my brother . 2) He's a good friend of mine . 3) I've known him for , let's see , almost six years . So about this guy , he's been pushing my buttons since I started quarreling with Fayadh the past month . He's been really close to Fayadh lately and he's been saying stuff about me which makes me so pissed at him . Now I know why he has no friends . I won't say what they did today , but frankly speaking , I was jealous . So jealous I just felt like exploding . GAHHHH ! I can't believe this , I trusted this A-hole but he could betray me like OMFGCCB . ahh , the agony . hidup ini menyeksakan , hanya orang yang kau sayang lah yang kau boleh percayai . Righhhht .

By the way , I wanna wish my younger brother a very happy birthday ! You're fifteen and gonna sit for PMR soon ! Study hard and wishing you all the best (especially in getting that girl) .

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Walltalker said...

Don't have to name myself..... But its great that there's no conflict now.........