Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day Late, But Happy Anniversary Anyway Baby!

Listening to: Only Wind by Kim Jong Kook & SG Wannabe (y)

At last my informative speech and drama performance for P. Speaking is over. Next, persuasive speech. BAH! I have not been updating frequently because, well, life's just been hectic lately. My Macroeconomics midterm result is very, very bad. I have decided to dedicate an hour of my day to studying properly. Don't laugh at me. Don't tell me I've got strong willpower. Please give me your full support. I really don't want to flunk this subject. Or any subject for that matter.

170310, Wednesday
I went to Pyramid with Baby. After such a long, long, long time. It has just been so long since we've actually went out together properly. What was different about this outing was that, I bought stuff! We usually go to Pyramid and just rot our assess off. Baby bought me a new pair of wedges, buffet lunch at Sakae Sushi, a new novel - Lovely Bones, earrings, something else I don't want to reveal, and a new pet! I was a happy happy girl. Thank you so much Baby. Sayang youuuu (:

At Sakae Sushi!

I have never been to Sakae Sushi before. We order through this! Service is quick and efficient but food quality was not really up to my expectations.

Our first round of sushi.

Baby was emo-ing me this time ):

Time to go home! Hugs and kisses :3 (I look weird, sorry)

PS: Happy 10 Months Baby! Sorry I'm late..
So many things to update about, so little time! A sneak peek at what I am going to update on soon.

Public Speaking drama rehearsal;

My works of art: Orang Minyak;

My new pet(s) given to me by Zekey Wong :D, and;

Photography trip to Orchid Park, KL.

I have got no idea what I am gonna update on so please visit soon to find out!