Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Things Don't Go As Planned.

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I was planning to update my blog a few days after the previous entry. But Streamyx had to be a bitch and cut my internet off for one fucking week. If it weren't for my dad who threatened to write in to the newspaper about their crappy service, I would be far away from being able to access the World Wide Web. While I am enjoying my internet service at home, Tanzy has been unable to access the internet over at his side of KL. Soooo ngammmm. He is, therefore, rotting.

Besides my internet not being able to function the past week, I went back to Taiping for Ching Ming. Which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Besides getting attacked by leeches and mosquitoes of sizes you would not want to imagine - oh and also partially hiking the cemetery placed on top of the hill - it was okay. Weather back there was awesome. So cooling compared to the city.

I was thinking, should I update on one of the topics I previewed in my previous post. But.. that will come up in my next post I suppose. Aku mintak maaf! (:

PS: Baby I had an awesome day today with you. And your funny friends!

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ariel said...

Ahh! You got to go back to Taiping again!!! I'm jealous! I'm stuck here because of the big assignments the lecturers are giving. Sigh...

I miss you too. =P