Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey, Being Sick Sucks.

Listening to: Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday

I've been sick for a week now. I don't recall ever being sick for this long, and it sucks. It's so inconvenient for me. I can't eat, nor can I drink, without going through agonizing pain. Yawning and talking pains me so. I can't go to coffee shops or go near people who smoke because it would irritate my throat and cause even more pain. I skipped Public Speaking on Tuesday and Photography today. I've got work tomorrow and Public Speaking rehearsal tomorrow.

Should I go?

I wonder how long it's been since I smiled wholeheartedly.

PS: I'd like to thank everyone who has cared for me while I'm sick. You people know who you are.

PPS: Baby I'm sorry I can't go bowling with you and your friends today. We'll go once I'm well (: