Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 Premiere Screening.

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111109, Wednesday

I won a pair of tickets to Nuffnang's 2012 premiere screening at Cathay Cineplex Damansara. First time driving there with Baby and, surprise - we didn't get lost! Please don't laugh. It's just that we seldom drive all the way to Damansara just to watch a movie. We had dinner at Uncle Ong's house before leaving at 7 PM plus. Movie tickets could be collected between 8.30 PM - 9.30 PM. We left early because: 1) we were afraid of taking any wrong turns and ending up lost; and 2) we wanted to walk around e@Curve and The Curve.

We walked up to the highest floor, where the cineplex is located. We looked around the place, and came across a toy store (okay, I wouldn't say toy store lah, maybe some toy collectors store) located in the cineplex, MySciFiFan - or at least that's what I think the shop was called (there was no signboard). Baby's sharp eyes caught sight of a Nerf on display. He immediately walked into the shop. The guy at the counter happened to be a prefect from my high school, 3 years my senior, Raymond. Baby started enquiring about the Nerf(s). I walked around the shop looking at collectibles (Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc.).

Note the Vulcan Nerf on the counter. Here's a close up:

After much enquiring, Baby decided to buy a Nerf gun for himself: Sniper Rifle Nerf which cost Rm150. We walked back to his car to keep the Nerf, then proceeded back to the cineplex to collect our tickets.

Baby's one is orange and yellow. It's like a 2in1 Nerf (I played with it too!). Watch the Nerf Office War here.

Sorry for being jakun and taking a picture of the mall. It's just that I have never been to e@Curve before. Don't laugh please. After collecting the tickets, we walked to The Curve throught The Street. Finally saw how the famous Laundry bar looks like. I feel like an orang kuno ):

My friend's parents' restaurant, Marche.

I fought with a lil' kid to sit have a ride on the car :p

We left The Curve at 9.10 PM. By the time we actually made it into the cinema hall, it was already 9.30 PM. We had to deposit our handphones, cameras, etc. and the premiere screening was together with, Era fm and NTV7. We were separated into different halls though, thankfully. We had to wait for the hall to be filled up. By the time the movie started, it was already 10 PM.

Thankfully, 2012 wasn't one of the worst movies this year. But it certainly wasn't one of the best either. I preferred The Day After Tomorrow to 2012. Somehow. There's no denying the CGI was awesome. Never have I sat through 2 hours and 45 minutes of goosebumps and chills running down my spine. This movie made me feel tired all the way. I guess it was because of the near-death scenes throughout the movie. My jaw dropped when I saw people hanging from the ledges of buildings crashing down during the earthquake. It is now a scene embedded in my mind forever.

Overall, I would give this movie a 6/10. Entertaining but not entirely satisfying.

My Baby ada moustache :p

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