Thursday, June 4, 2009

Teh Wa Ki Or Or He Peng!

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Regarding the title, those who speak the Hokkien dialect would understand the meaning. It has nothing to do with my post though, just some random phrase a friend said to me on MSN. Now I have to say it everyday to him. I have no idea why. It just cracks me up every time I say it. Besides, it's doing me good. You know, learning Hokkien along the way.

I am updating my blog for the sake of updating. Not because anything interesting happened to me lately. Just because you people have been spamming me daily to update my half-dead blog. Also, I have promised many that my blog will be updated by tonight. If it were not for you awesome people, I would probably leave my blog on a hiatus.

Without further ado, let's move on to the main reason of this post. ... ... Wait, I don't seem to have a main reason to update, besides the fact that I have been spammed for a week to update my blog by numerous friends. Ho hum.

And so I have started my second semester at college. Initially I chose three subjects: 1) Environmental Chemistry, 2) Introduction to Computers and 3) Introduction to World Religions. After going for Computers, practically the all of us freaked out. Partially because of the fucking huge crowd of students consisting of 50 something people. Mostly because our lecturer is.. how should I say.. not appealing to me and some others. Plus, he's the lecturer for Chemistry as well. So, it was kind of a total no-no for us.

Roy, Hy and I had our Religions class on that day at 4 PM. Again, fucking huge class. The lecturer was kinda cool, but we couldn't bear the crowd. Too many debates on my-religion-is-the-greatest among students. And the last straw was when the lecturer asked the class what's the definition of Karma. That was when this student from Maldives who looks like he's been castaway on an island for years (because of the long hair and unshaven appearance) answered. It went something like this: (with an Indian slang) Sir, Karma means I shit on you, then you shit on me. It kind of drove Hy and Roy up the wall. So it was a no-no too.

Thus, we (including Wl and friends) have confirmed the subjects we're taking for this semester which are Statistics and Basic Composition. To be honest, the reason the all of us chose Stats was because, ehem, everyone missed Mr Lee. Aww..

Sorry, my mood to blog was suddenly cut off. Hence, pictures throughout the week. Enjoy.
Flesmond during our mamak session at Ameer.

Dad and Hannah at Carl's Jr. during Nic's 16th birthday.

Kawanku Mc.

Nic at USJ 21.

My dad and Chong playing snooker at Summit.

Wl, Hy and Roy watching my dad and Chong play snooker.

Wl playing against my dad.

Roy, Hy and Ys with his 7-UP.

Cindy and Doreen during Stats class today.

I can't take the huge crowd. And this is during break when half the class is missing.

Dr. Fong.

Baby, Tiffany, Ong, Joerel (sorry for blocking your head) and me on the way back to Subang around midnight.

Me! Sorry. Was bored.

Poser. He doesn't know I uploaded his pic on my blog. Until he sees this post lah. Ily <3

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