Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sweet Farewell.

Listening to: My tummy making noise.

Rachel Ong Ern Huey will be leaving for California, U.S.A on the 2nd of July 2009 at exactly 1945 hours (7.45 PM) and she won't be coming back until 2010's Summer Break. Which -if you dont know- is around June next year.

My best friend for 7 years. The girl whose birthday is two days before mine. The one whom I have been giving piggy backs almost every single day for almost two years. The one whom I introduced anime to 7 years ago and is now, speaking Japanese oh-so-fluently. The one whom I first watched The Exorcist with. The one whose house I've been sleeping over at every week for one year plus. Rachel Ong has braved the school life tsunami with me.

Gawsh, I love you.

I will try to send you off on Thursday. If there are people actually driving there to do so. What with me having no license and all. Hmm.. But yes, I will try my best.

I didn't get to take many pictures 'cause my phone ain't fixed yet. Thus, the lack of pictures.
Sheryll, Elyna, Mirshal, Ka Reen, Tessa, Nancy and Rachel. Yes, the one in the middle. If you've noticed, I'm not here. Posting it here to show you people who Rachel is. If you don't know her, that is.

Puan Ong (Add. Mathematics), Puan Tay (Bahasa Melayu) and Puan Chan (English). Mandy and Sheen Yeen behind there don't know doing what. Pn. Chan approves of Zekey! Give him SIRIM chop some more. You should be proud baby :D

Yi Wei and I.

Me, baby, Ji Kin, Jo, Nic, Kenx, Jq, Rachel, Yong Shiang, Elyna, Matt a.k.a L'oreal Paris blablabla (congrats bestie), Shyuan and Ann. My fucking good buddies. My lepak kakis.

Me, Shyuan and Ann. My babes forever and ever and ever. Yi Zhong is missing )x

Matthew Lim Chit King (1997 till now) and Zekey Wong Yeung Zhi (2000 till now). The three of us have been friends since primary school. One ends up as the winner for the L'oreal Paris thingy and the other one.. my baby boy! Love you both. But of course I love Ezekiel more lah :p

And finally, a picture of our own. I love you so much baby. Mwah!

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