Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Temporary Hiatus !

People ! I'm so sorry for the temporary hiatus for a few weeks . Now I'm back and I'm loaded - with nothing . Streamyx was starting to piss me off for a few weeks after disconnecting my line for stupid reasons . Anywhos , my internet conncection is back ! Which means I'm back too . Hehhe . I wanted to post about My Trip Back to Singapore . Day Two . today but honestly , I forgot everything that happened on Day Two . Well , not EVERYTHING . But everything in detail (you know like what happened before and after a certain event) . So I'm gonna cancel it . I don't think anyone cares anyway .

I have History notes to finish , English grammar work to copy into my Grammar One exercise book , and Accounts exercises that have to be finished by tomorrow . So this means that I can't stay long here for it is already 10.40 PM (yes , dear readers) . So I guess I would just have to postpone my posting to either tomorrow or hopefully , tonight .

Again , I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused for the past few weeks -although i know there are not much readers but , heck , let me feel a teeny weeny bit of satisfaction that I actually managed to sneak online and posted this short post :)

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