Friday, July 4, 2008

SPM - Sudah Pasti Mati

Credits to Khai Synn for giving me the idea that SPM means Sudah Pasti Mati and STPM means Sudah Tentu Pasti Mati , three years ago . Ever since then , the idea has been etched into my head and that's what I think would happen to me if I sit for SPM in November . Hey , I'm not at all prepared for two subjects . Additional Maths. and Chemistry . Thankfully I dropped one out of three of my killer subjects , Physics . Given the choice between the Arts stream and the Science stream , I would pick Arts . Sad to say , a few seconds after I chose 4 Arts 1 in 2007 , I changed my mind . Science would not be as hard as they said it could be right ? Right ? I mean , most of my friends in Science stream seem to be having a good time . A bed of roses .

Boy was I wrong .

Really , I assumed that being in the Science stream wouldn't be as hard as I expected it to be . Do bear in mind that I am not even taking pure science , but sub-science or Sains Teknologi . I'm not taking Biology , but instead , Accounts which I heard was not really a problem (which is true - if you get the hang of its basics) . So I kicked started the year with an A1 for Add. Maths. , average results for Chemistry , and a border-line passing mark for Physics . It wasn't so bad then . Come one , i'ts just the beginning - or so I thought . After my mid-year examination , the results of my three most crucial subjects dropped as low as the stock market could ever go . Actually it was not that bad , but , you get the point . So yeah , academically I was not doing very well . Especially with Physics . I did not take tuition for that dreadful subject , nor was I attentive during class . Ann , Yi Zhong , Shyuan , 2 Fa+ , Ikki and I would sit furthest away from the blackboard and most of the time , mind our own business . Conclusion , we didn't pay much attention to Puan Siti Aminah during class . So that was why my results plunged down the drainhole .

At the end of the year , I was caught up with other kinds of shit . Like having a boyfriend for instance , and getting addicted to MySpace . It pulled me away from what was more important , which was of course , my studies . Plus , I was kinda caught up releasing stress on my Guitar Hero . I love that game . Anyone wanna challenge ? Ehhh , sorry for getting off topic . So , my mum suggested that I switch to the Arts stream - which was a tad too late . However , she did suggest I drop Physics but replace it with Commerce , and if possible , take an extra subject which was Basic Economics . I simply agreed but did not think much about it . Hey , its was just a suggestion . I assumed she would forget about what she said sooner or later . But she didn't , and when the first term of school began , she reminded me about her 'suggestion' . Then it dawned on me , I saw a glimmer of hope . I got to drop Physics bitches ! Please , do excuse the profanity for it was unintentional . But yeah , I know , if it was unintentional , how come you don't just backspace the godforsaken WORD . I just like it that way :)

So I went throught a lot of obstacles just to get my school Principal to allow me to drop Physics . I do not want to describe it in detail because I'm effin' lazy at the moment . Anyway , my point is , I'm so not ready to sit for SPM coming up in November . What with the second test next week , it's just killing me . To some it might be a piece of cake , the second test I mean . Hopefully it would be for me too . Quoting Su Kim , "Take it (the second test) as a way to strengthen your knowledge in those certain topics" .

I'll try :)

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