Friday, June 6, 2008

My Trip Back to Singapore . Day One .

Why again ? 'Cause my mum's a Singaporean . I went back down to Singapore from 31/05 till 05/05 by bus/coach . My mum decided to try out a new coach service called First Coach because Aeroline was just too expensive . It costs RM180 both ways . I've been on Aeroline twice and damn the service was hella good . Although First Coach didn't have a steward/stewardess , wasn't a double decker , did not have a lounge , did not serve meals , did not serve hot drinks , did not provide blankets , and did not provide a toilet , I would still give it four stars . It was spacious and what made me enjoy my ride back to Singapore was that the coach provided you with your very own LCD screen embedded at the back of the seat in front of you . This means , of course , that you can watch movies and listen to songs (only up to the 90's though) ! But then , what sucked was that you had to bring along your own headphones , if not then I guess you would just have to watch a silent movie . Luckily my brother brought along his iPod (he doesn't leave home without it , whatmore out of Malaysia !) . We tried inserting his iPod earphones into the port , and we succeeded ! But the problem was that we had to share it , and it sucked . We watched 40 Year-Old Virgin which was hella funny , but I had to lean to his side and my neck ached the whole way even though I was leaning back against my own seat later on .

We left KL (Bangsar) at 7:30 AM and reached Singapore (Novena Square) at 12 PM . The four of us (mum , bro , sis and yours truly) were waiting for a taxi . I don't know if you people know about this but in Singapore , there are more cabs and pedestrians than in Malaysia (duh) . So getting a cab wasn't hard . Once we managed to grab a cab (that doesn't sound right) , it took us around 10 minutes to reach my uncle's house at Jalan Membina (near Tiong Bahru) . We took the lift up to the eighteenth floor and luckily my uncle was in , if not then we would be stuck outside his front door with lotsa luggage ;)

So we lugged in our luggage and rested for about 10 minutes before heading of to Suntec City for church . I'm not a Christian but my mum , sis , uncle , grandma , and my uncle's girlfriend are . Well , practically the whole of my mum's side of the family are Christians . My uncle dropped the four of us off at one of the entrances which led to the eating outlets . We headed off to the food court , like usual . But I never do get bored eating at the food court located in any shopping complex in Singapore . This is because they've got a wide selection of food , and its delicious . I had Chicken Teppanyaki for lunch and it tasted really good , coming from a food court . The service started at 2:00 PM and we still had a lot of time because it was around 1:30 then . After a superb lunch , we headed of to one of New Creation Church's overflow rooms and sat - yeap - all the way in front , although there would be nobody speaking . We would just be watching an LCD screen . This time , Pastor Joseph Prince was not around (a big disappointment for my mum) so I had a bad feeling the service was kinda gonna suck . Okay , not suck . Just that it wouldn't be as good as Pastor Prince's services . However , do keep in mind that I'm not a Christian :) The service was conducted by Pastor Terry Rize (or that's what I think his name sounded like) from the States and throughout the whole one hour I was practically dozing off but I didn't want to look rude or anything so I tried as hard as I could to stay awake . But my brother was already nodding off and he was sleeping for almost the whole hour in the freezing cold overflow room .
When the clock struck 3:00 PM , me and my bro were almost jumping for joy but then the pastor had to drag it until 3:30 which made me and my brother get kinda annoyed . Actually he wasn't that bad . It was just that we were really tired and exhausted having to wake up at 6:30 AM and leave KL at 7:30 , sitting in the bus for five hours and all .

After church we headed off to a Chinese restaurant , Crystal Jade Kitchen (I think that's what it was called) and had a quite heavy snack almost two hours before dinner . For dinner , we headed off to Chinatown and ate at a coffeeshop slash Chinese restaurant (whatever its called , you see alot of these kind of eateries in Malaysia) . I was feeling very sleepy so I ate little - very little as a matter of fact . I usually eat two and a half big bowls of rice during dinner but that night I didn't even finish one bowl . When we were done with dinner , we headed home for a good night's sleep ! My uncle dropped me , my mum and my sis off at the entrance of his flat but brought my brother along with him to go take our mattresses at his other house . When we arrived , my grandma was already home . She looked so much more healthier compared to the last time I saw her and I felt happy for her . My mum started chatting with her mum for a looong time while me and my sis hung around . From then one the only thing I remembered was looking at the lights and falling asleep :)

The End - of Day One

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Walltalker said...

hmmm, you visited an extra gigantic church right??? Not a fan of those type of churches, for many reasons which cannot be all right nor wrong.

hmmmmm we spent an entire moral period talking about Singapore.... With Yi Wei and i tagged around and listened....

Btw staying in chinatown is not fun, its dirty and creepy.