Friday, July 18, 2008

Potato Salad , Yummy Yummy !

Potato salad rocks ! The first time I ever laid eyes on it , I instantly felt attracted to it . I can still recall that cold April night . Well I can't really remember the date but we were all in Afiq's house . It was his birthday (this happened in 2005) and his dad was cooking up a feast ! There were like only three types of food : fried chicken , bbq'ed beef and of course , potato and egg salad ! Wooohooooo ! I don't eat fried chicken so I went for the beef (2 pieces) and dug into the gigantic bowl of delicious homemade potato salad (thanks Afiq's mum ) ! Everybody was after the meat and chicken and nobody was touching the potato salad . So , with oppurtunity within my grasp , I piled my whole paper plate with potato salad and nobody even noticed ! Actually I had no idea what I just piled onto my plate . It just looked so tasty I decided to try it out . Thus , my desperate craving for potato salad every week .

My next encounter with potato salad was during Ben's birthday around .. er .. June this year . I arrived late and by the time I reached Ben's house everybody was there and everybody was high . I was full at the time but I was still looking for food . Those who know me well enough , know how big my appetite is . Sadly , the only stuff I saw was satay , chicken and some salad . All the stuff 'kena sapu' already by those hungry monsters (ahaha) . So yeah , I hung out for a while and then Ben's momma decided to bring out the cake . So we sang and we danced and we got drunk . Okay I was exaggerating . We just sang the traditional Happy Birthday song to Ben and proceeded to 'hantam' the mouth-watering sponge cake as well . After consuming my share of the cake , I headed out to look for a drink . While looking for the plastic cups , I caught sight of a bowl full of .. yes , POTATO SALAD ! Surprisingly , it was full to the brim . When I started scooping out tons of it , people started to stare . Eventually I asked Shyuan if there was anything wrong with the potato salad . She said she doesn't like potato salad . Righhhhht . I heard many other people too , did not enjoy potato salad . Well , the fuck I care ! After the first mouthful , I felt like I was in heaven . The aroma was tempting and I proceeded to gobble it all up . Within seconds , my plate was sparkling (not literally) clean . And yes , I went back for more and more an MORE ! Till the bowl which was previously full to the brim of potato salad was empty . Hey , no one was interested in it anyway .

Today , I could not resist the temptation of having potato salad . I finally goggled 'Potato Salad Recipes' and I got a really nice looking recipe . Don't laugh at me , I know potato salad is a piece of cake to make . But I want it to be perfecto ! So I'm gonna make my own potato salad tomorrow after English Camp and .. savour it . That's if I succeed though .

P/S : Anybody - though I doubt there might be - who like me , craves potato salad , do , do , do join me on my quest to create the perfect potato salad !

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