Monday, July 6, 2009

Feel My Wrath!

Listening to: Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes featuring The Dream

It is time to start writing journal entries again. Which means I would rarely have time to update my blog. The heck, I don't even update properly when I'm not writing journal entries. Sigh. Apparently, our class is the noisest class she has ever thought - and is currently teaching by the way. Which is not so true. I've seen and heard noisier - Statistics class. The horror. The noise emanating from my fellow classmates drove me up the wall.

Today was our assignment due date. I guess we've done quite a moderate job. I wouldn't say it was pretty good. It's far from good. But acceptable I suppose. I still recall arriving late for our discussion on Friday. Receiving the e-mails from my fellow group members on Saturday. And started editing their work and start on my work on Sunday. We passed up today. We were given the assignment a month plus ago. But as the lazy students we are... Tsk tsk.

Where are you? I miss you.

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