Sunday, July 26, 2009


Listening to: Some random jazz music

In Starbucks now. Supposed to be studying with baby but ended up canoodling and all sorts. Ha ha. Kind of surprising though. A few days back I was able to study with baby beside me in Starbucks. Never did happen with any of the previous boyfriends before. I don't know whether it was just an excuse but they always could not study when I'm sitting in front of them. Right.. But studying with baby has proven them wrong. It's even easier for me to study with him beside me. Baby's smarter than me too, so I can ask him if I don't understand what I'm studying. That's a plus.

Baby and I in Starbucks! Taken a few minutes ago. He just gave me a kiss on the cheek! He he he. Sweetie. He's studying now. After updating, I shall go back to playing Fish a Fish on Facebook!

PS: I love you.


ariel said...

Whoa.. in that picture, you look amazingly like jennifer aniston!!

You really do look like her! The face, the hair... =)

Happy belated birthday! Hope your bday was great! i hate to say, "I'm 18" whenever ppl ask about my age. mb, i should lie to them from now on. He he! =P

shootmekaoru said...

omg jennifer aniston?! hahaha, nooooo.

thanks for the birthday wish tho!