Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Made of Paper.

a most uneasy thought has been bothering me as of late. needless to say, i've got 101 things to do to get it off my mind. like always, i am never really idle. i am like a ball being tossed back and forth by two people named college and work. i'm glad i've got him by my side to ease the stress. but i always end up procrastinating, being extremely lazy, and irresponsible to some point.

the past 6 months have been heavenly. that is, until now. i've never really thought about this before. that's because i was never given the chance to. now that things are.. not as heavenly as before, a disturbing thought has been running around in my head. obviously that thought is not going to be revealed. not here at least.

i am dead tired. so tired i can sleep for days and not awaken. but work and college do not allow me to engage in days of sweet slumber. sleep is what i want right now. what i need. sleep was snatched away from me because of more important matters just now. now, i can barely empty my mind for sleep to enter it.

sometimes i am left clueless. i thought this time things would be different. then again, that's what i think almost everytime. i read something that hurt me so deeply. never during the past 6 months have i felt such pain in my heart.

because never did i expect you to say such a thing.

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