Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Imma Liverpool Farmer with Pink Lips.

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And I promised myself I would not get addicted to Facebook when I created my account 3 years ago. I hate it when I waste time randomly clicking around Facebook and playing with my game applications. A friend of mine once said,"It is okay to create a Facebook account. Just stay away from the games." My parents created Facebook accounts, not to reconnect with their old buddies, but to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Look at them now (those who know how my parents are like) and of course, look at us too. As a result, their three children suffer. Our PCs kena pao by our orang tuas.

Everytime I come back home from a tiring day out - at college, with Baby, etc. - I expect to see my PC available and not occupied. I was happy when I realized my sister's school session is in the afternoon because she would not fight with me for my PC. But my happiness was quickly turned into... well... unhappiness I guess. Every day I come home to seeing my mum sitting at my PC happily playing poker. Is it really that fun?

I (used to) get angry every time my dad started swearing at the PC monitor because of his online poker games. Helllooooo, it's just a game. But then again I start swearing at the monitor too when people steal my crops on Barn Buddy or when I forget to harvest my crops on Farmville. Don't ask me why I chose two farming games apps. as examples. I don't really know why I did, but maybe it's because I am a potential farmer.

PS: Baby I'm sad I can't see you today )':
Anyways a sneak preview at my next post. Don't expect much. Tons of pictures but no words to make them speak - CNY 2010.

I am too lazy to separate my Taiping stay into 6 posts so I'll just compile everything into one post. Seeeee youuuuuuu!

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